Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Attend the CIMdata Simulation & Anlaysis Workshop

It use to be that CAD models, and simulation results were separated into discrete departments. Simulation was an after-thought when something broke, or it didn't work properly. Analysis results were often thrown back over the wall to CAD designers, and the level of collaboration between these two disciplines was very low.

Well, that was then, this is now! Today, model-based systems engineering principles are being applied early in the design process to develop better virtual prototypes with better results that produce better products. This is not just about new technology, this represents a change in philosophy that companies must embrace to be successful.

At the CIMdata Simulation & Analysis Workshop (see the video), these and other topics that are important to the PLM industry will be addressed. This two-day event co-sponsered by CIMdata and NAFEMS will provide a wide array of topics and networking opportunities:

Day 1: Tuesday, May 1 - CIMdata Simulation & Analysis Workshop
Day 2: Wednesday, May 2 - NAFEMS' Simulation Data Management Symposium

Both days will be held at the GE Learning Center in Evandale Ohio (Near Cincinnati). The sessions will provide an energetic forum for leading practitioners to learn and share their experiences to help move the simulation community forward.

Get signed up today so that you will be on the cutting edge of simulation knowledge.

How are you using simulation in your company? Do you think you could be more efficient and successful? Let us know what you are doing, and share your success stories!

- Jim

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