Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Now you Really Have Missed the CIMdata 2012 PLM Market & Industry Forum?

 Hey, what's the matter? Did you miss the CIMdata 2012 PLM Market and Industry Forum (#PLM4um)? If you did, then you missed the chance to network with a unique collection of the strongest PLM vendors in the world. At the PLM Forum there are many chances to talk strategy with people who are experiencing the same challenges, and developing the same technology as you. These are the same people that will chart the future direction of PLM. This is one of the few chances you will get to interact with your piers in the PLM industry.

If you did not attend, you also missed the chance to hear from the CIMdata PLM experts. The PLM market analysis results from 2011 were highly anticipated, but there were other important topics as well: PLM market trends, CAD and analysis, software as the solution, model-based systems engineering, process and mechanical PLM, and social PLM (see my blog on that one). These are all topics that are important to the PLM industry today and into the future.

There was also great food and a ton of good networking opportunities; did I already mentioned that? But, I have some good news. There is still a chance for you or one of your colleagues to attend. (See the Video) We plan to hold several more PLM forums between now and the end of April:

April 17 - Stuttgart, Germany
April 20 - Shanghai, China
April 25 - Tokyo, Japan

So, take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from the industry leader in PLM, CIMdata. Also take advantage of the unprecedented networking opportunities at this unique event. I hope to see you at one of our upcoming PLM forums.

(April 26, 2012) Update:

Well, now you really HAVE missed the CIMdata 2012 PLM Market & Industry Forum. I can tell you that there were good crowds in all venues, and a great time was had by all. The pictures below should give you some idea of what you missed, and allow you to start thinking about attending next time.

The first set of pictures is from our PLM forum in Germany:

Now, let's see some pictures from Asia!

Do you know someone that might benefit from this forum? Feel free to forward a link to this blog, or go to the CIMdata website for more information. See ya next time!

- Jim


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